The Vagina Monologues


Emily Kools: Organizer
This is Emily's fifth year doing The Vagina Monologues, and the second year as an organizer. Her experience at Wilfrid Laurier has helped her develop the show and spread it to the Durham region. She is very excited for a continued success and will be welcoming a new addition into her family in June.
Donna: Organizer
Donna is a young at heart retired teacher who discovered the Vagina Monologues last year and liked the experience enough to become an organizer herself this year!

Could it be I haven’t done theatre since high school? Although I had heard of the “Vagina Monologues” I thought that they were just a series of monologues until Emily got me involved in this endeavour. I didn’t realize the fund raiser potential and the fun you can have doing it! Thanks to James, Megan and Michelle for their support. oh and “I’d like to thank the academy……”

has joined the '09 VM cast this year after being too chicken to audition last year ! She have been involved in theatre on and off stage in Durham since the early '90's. After watching the '08 VM cast light up the stage last year, she felt the power of united VAGINA's supporting our sister's in need, she knew she had to be involved this year. "What a great event. To be able to entertain; raise money; and to educate on the global issue of violence against women is very important to me. Hope you enjoy our little show, a great bunch of VAGINA's here. So sit back relax, laugh and open your heart. Durham VAGINA's are some of the most priviledges VAGINA's in the world, let's all give back." You can see Heather this fall involved with the new Ajax Community Theatre...
Vera learned to whistle at a very young age. She is quatre-lingual, fluent in German, English, Pig Latin and Manchunian. Rehearsal for her has been like "50 First Dates" - every time is "like the first time". She is the go-to-girl for organizing reunions and finding long lost friends but can't find things in her purse or remember how she got here. Her favorite passtime is her husband, her children and ventriloquism. Her car radio was stolen so she sings the songs instead but is now running out of material and hoping one day to make a CD entitled "Driving Songs".
Coming Soon!
Is thrilled to be a part of The Vagina Monologues for the second year. Lives happily with her fiancé Larry and her children - two wonderful and respectful sons, Braeden and Joshua, and her inspiring daughter Cassidy, who is beautiful on both the inside and out.
is so happy to be involved with the Vagina Monologues again this year and hopes that this year will be as powerful and as moving as last year. Recent theatre credits include; The Odd Couple (U of T Alumni), Same Time Next Year (Port Hope Festival), Women on The Brink , Knock It Off !(Toronto Fringe Festival), Jewel (Winnipeg Fringe Festival), Lost in Yonkers (Theatre Muskoka), The Art of Dining (Theatre and Co.) Ethan Claymore (actor and co producer- Port Perry Players Summer Theatre). This summer she will appear in Welcome Death at 4th Line Theatre. Other credits include The Cherry Orchard, Orpheus Descending, Proof and The Memory of Water. Film and TV credits include ; The Dini Petty Show, This is Wonderland, Missing Season II, Family Passions, Mayday ,Skulls and The Highwayman. You can also spot Tracy in a CIBC ad campaign. Through a small business venture, Ms. Rankin fundraises for the Canadian Red Cross and is now a proud legacy member of this organization
has been active in community theatre in the Oshawa area for many years as an actor, set designer and producer. She is the current president of the Oshawa Little Theatre and a lead singer and choreographer with Durham Shores Chorus, Oshawa's award winning women's chorus of Sweet Adelines International.